At Native Ancestry, the results of our professional genealogy research and family history projects speak for themselves. Here is what past clients are saying about us.

“…Unraveling the rumors and mystery…”
Thank-you Frankie I am so excited! Thanks for unraveling the rumors and mystery! Can’t wait to work with you again! Thank-you thank-you thank-you a million times! – Jennifer P. 

“The research went back to 900 A.D.”
Frankie and her team traveled to Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina, New York, & Massachusetts and recovered some incredible Photographs of my Family and original Civil War Letters and many other items. The research went back to 900 A.D. in Ireland, England, Germany, and France. I have recommended Native Ancestry to several colleagues. Well done Frankie. – Ray 

“Recommend them highly”
Frankie and Jeff responded rapidly to questions or concerns. I would use them again and recommend them highly. Best of the Best! – James. Saginaw, Michigan 

“…kept in touch throughout the project”
Great! Fantastic! Frankie Davis was easy to work with and kept in touch throughout the project. The final report and its presentation was much better than I envisioned it would. Highly recommended. – Lawrence. Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma (Native American)

“…over 20 generations!”
Frankie kept in touch with me throughout the process. I am having so much fun looking through all the notes she compiled for me! She was able to go back over 20 generations! This was a project that I just did not have the time or the means to complete – Thank you Frankie!! – Shellie New York and New England States

“I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to have it done.”
Dear Frankie, I received the charts some time ago and also the disc on my wife’s genealogy. I can only tell you how impressed I’ve been on the professional work you’ve done—the details, etc. Our children have been very interested in the genealogy. As I said, “it’s history,” but our own history. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to have it done. Again, thanks, and congratulations on an excellent job. Sincerely, Aulay Pennsylvania, Germany

“My Grandparents will be thrilled with their gift!”
I was very pleased with the depth of research and the resources listed. She kept me updated throughout the process. She was able to give me publications that my ancestors were listed in that filled in the stories behind their lives. (these were included in her packet) I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. My Grandparents will be thrilled with their gift! – Jessica. Tennessee

“…nothing but professional”
This Genealogy service was nothing but professional. The project was extensively detailed and very informative. The company was very timely with the project and quite helpful to the whole family. I plan on having additional research done and will always choose this Genealogy Company. – Karen Choctaw Nation. (Tribal Enrollment)

“…done very quickly and accurate.”
Frankie did an excellent service for me and my family. The family history was done very quickly and accurate. We highly recommend Frankie. – Ann California

“…beyond my expectations.”
Frankie and her team did a fantastic job, she was thorough with great communication and terrific follow up. No hidden fees, you tell her what you want and she will make it happen she went beyond my expectations. Frankie was able to find my twin Aunties who were adopted out. I do highly recommend her. – Ron California (Adoption Research)

“…went above and beyond on our project”
Very professional. Willing to work on a deadline, cooperative and responsive. High quality work. I can highly recommend Frankie Davis and her team. She went “above and beyond” on our project. If you need American Indian ancestry research, hers is the firm to use. – Kate. Oklahoma ( Minority Status 8A)

“..turning over every possible stone to uncover the true origins of my family”
I realize that my project was very difficult. Frankie spent a great deal of time and energy to collect the needed information, turning over every possible stone to uncover the true origins of my family. The report I received from her team regarding my heritage was very thorough, yet concise and easy to read. I am very pleased with family record I received and will be pleased to share it with my relatives. Thank you. – B. Rollins. Arkansas

“I could not be happier with the outcome”
The project went very well and I could not be happier with the outcome. While it will take me a long time to digest the massive amount of information, what I have reviewed so far is fantastic. I have already recommended Frankie to several others. – Lance. Texas

“…opened up new lines of my family tree…”
Although Frankie hit a roadblock on one of my ancestors, she obviously provided much more than was promised and I was very pleased with the report as it resolved many other dead – ends and opened up new lines of my family tree of which I was previously unaware. Well done Frankie! – Jay Michigan

“…solved a long standing roadblock in my family research”
Excellent research and communication. Very quick response. Frankie contacted me with the results and solved a long standing roadblock in my family research that enabled me to trace the family history back to 1510….Thanks for the excellent work. – Brian

“Exactly what I wanted.”
Frankie you were lots of help. Thanks for gathering as many documents as you were able to get your hands on. Exactly what I wanted. I now plan to go to Ireland and visit my ancestor’s homeland. Thanks So much. – Randy

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June 29, 2024