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We specialize in Native American Research.
We also specialize in finding any information about your ancestors.
The only item we don’t pursue is a Chrystal Ball. Anything else we can make happen.
American Ancestors is dedicated to creating, preserving and aggregating the highest quality, most scholarly accurate family history research results. We believe that your family’s genealogy cannot be encapsulated in a simple subscription-based printout. Your family history is much more than that; it is the complex piecing together of facts and background information that becomes the story of where you and your family came from. We seek to see the humanity in each of our client projects. We approach each of our projects with humility and a constant commitment to reconnect our clients with their progenitors.
It is our mission to connect generations. We seek to provide our clients with a pathway back through time via the existing information that we will retrieve on each of their ancestors. We know that with every passing day, records are lost, stories are forgotten, people pass away and the memories and facts of lives lived disappear. Finding these precious facts is of the utmost importance to us. This passionate attitude is something you will experience in every interaction you have with our research team.
Conversely, we don’t have project managers who stand between you and your researchers. You will have direct access to the Team Leader. You need to talk directly with the person whose boots are on the ground. And you will have regular updates that will be set in your initial consultation.

November 1, 2018