The Best Genealogy Research Service

It is our mission to connect generations.  We believe that your family’s genealogy cannot be encapsulated in a simple subscription-based printout. Your family history is the complex piecing together of facts and background information that becomes the story of where you and your family came from. We approach each of our projects with humility, logic, expertise and a constant commitment to reconnect our clients with their progenitors. This is why we have been called the best genealogy research service by many of our clients.

“…went above and beyond on our project”
Very professional. Willing to work on a deadline, cooperative and responsive. High quality work. I can highly recommend Frankie Davis and her team. She went “above and beyond” on our project. If you need American Indian ancestry research, hers is the firm to use.– Kate. Oklahoma

“..turning over every possible stone to uncover the true origins of my family”
I realize that my project was very difficult. Frankie spent a great deal of time and energy to collect the needed information, turning over every possible stone to uncover the true origins of my family. The report I received from her team regarding my heritage was very thorough, yet concise and easy to read. I am very pleased with family record I received and will be pleased to share it with my relatives. Thank you. – B. Rollins. Arkansas 

“…solved a long standing roadblock in my family research”
Excellent research and communication. Very quick response. Frankie contacted me with the results and solved a long standing roadblock in my family research that enabled me to trace the family history back to 1510….Thanks for the excellent work. – Brian

“Exactly what I wanted.”
Frankie you were lots of help. Thanks for gathering as many documents as you were able to get your hands on. Exactly what I wanted. I now plan to go to Ireland and visit my ancestor’s homeland. Thanks So much. – Randy

Whatever your personal reason for seeking your ancestors, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. We will listen to you. We will provide any guidance we can, as well as a recommendation on what you can do next to find your family’s history. Call us at 801-836-1996 or fill out a form today.

June 29, 2024