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Queen Victoria’s Family Tree 1901

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At American Ancestors, it is our mission to connect generations.  We believe that your family’s genealogy cannot be encapsulated in a simple subscription-based printout. Your family history is much more than that; it is the complex piecing together of facts and background information that becomes the story of where you and your family came from. We seek to see the humanity in each of our client projects. We approach each of our projects with humility and a constant commitment to reconnect our clients with their progenitors.

Why Are You Searching for Your Ancestors?

Often times, people seek their ancestors because they want to know who they came from to determine who they are as the present day result of their predecessors. Studying your family’s ancestry can provide answers to questions such as why your family emigrated from one country to another, what your family’s original surname was before it was Americanized, and learning about medical conditions which may be passed on genetically.

Other searchers have legal rights and privileges that can only be fully exercised or restored with proof of family history and blood lines.

We’ve found that no matter the reason why a person or group may be seeking their ancestors, once the project is completed, many of our clients have a strengthened sense of self, support and peace in their lives.

American Ancestors is here to provide the expert research services that only a Master Genealogist can provide.

Expert Genealogy Research Services at a Premium Price

At American Ancestors, we have assembled a team of dedicated, expert family history researchers and Master Genealogists for you, our client, in order to provide the highest quality of research and results.

Our research project packages range from best value to highly sophisticated to meet your unique needs.

We offer research services in:

United States & European Ancestry & Adoption Research

Native American Ancestry Research & Tribal Registrations

Once you have found the American Ancestors Research Project Package that best suits your needs, please fill out our Contact form or call us toll free at 1-877-319-4517 so that we can contact you by phone and talk about what American Ancestors can do for you.

Master Genealogists - American Ancestors

Master Genealogists & Ancestry Research Experts

Why Hire A Master Genealogist?

Major events in an individual’s life are usually recorded and stored at local, regional or national offices. But there are times when poor record keeping, family secrets or courthouse fires have destroyed any written records that might help a person locate their ancestors.

In the cases where records have been destroyed or a family’s history is limited to rumors or stories that have been passed down through the generations, many people find themselves at a dead end without the time, expertise or resources to find their family lines and ancestors.

This is when you need a Master Genealogist.

At American Ancestors, we have logged thousands of research hours for our clients.  We have access to diverse research resources such as:

Archives Libraries
Directories Church Records
Periodicals Biographies
Business Records Cemeteries
Census Civil Registration
Convict Records Court Records
Emigration Immigration
Gazetteers Published Family Histories
Maps Land & Property Records
Medical Records Naval & Military Records
Vital Statistics Birth & Death Records
Naturalization Marriage & Divorce Records
Obituaries Newspapers
Published Pedigrees Occupations Records
Social Security Pensions
Probate Records Orphanages
Voting Registers Public Records
Poorhouses & Taxation Records Manorial Records
Private Collections Databases


With American Ancestors, you are not alone in your search for your ancestors! You have a team of expert researchers and Master Genealogists dedicated to your ancestor search.  The personal experience, dedication of our research professionals and collaboration with you, our client, is why we are successful.

American Ancestors’ Expert Research Services

We understand that each of our clients have their own personal reasons for pursuing knowledge about their ancestors.  We treat our clients’ questions and individual situations with professional respect at all times.

Please visit our American Ancestors Genealogy Research Services page to learn more about what we can do for you or if you prefer, you may Contact Us by filling out our online form or call us toll free at 1-877-319-4517.  Let us discuss in detail what American Ancestors can do for you today.