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Why Choose American Ancestors Over Other Genealogy Companies?

–     American Ancestors Specializes in Native American Research

–     American Ancestors is the Only Tribally CERTIFIED Genealogy Company

What are the Advantages of hiring American Ancestors?

1. Native American Owned
2. Tribally Enrolled Researchers with Unique access to Tribal Records
3. Specialize in Native Research
4. Retained by Family Search for Native Research
5. DNA Consultants with
6. On Location Research. Absolutely essential to find all your Native Roots and Records.
7. Free help with Enrollment when eligible. ($800 value, free)
8. Extensive Native Research Experience.
9. Unique Native Databases.
10. American Ancestors is the Only Tribally CERTIFIED Genealogy Company.
11. Researchers who speak a Native American Language fluently.

How easy is it to do Native Research Effectively?

1. If it was easy you wouldn’t be reading this!
2. Any Eastern Tribe is very difficult. There are some exemptions such as the Eastern Cherokee in Cherokee County NC. There are also various small tribes. This research is extremely difficult, but because of the advent of Casino’s membership in these tribes, it is extremely profitable. The white man has spent over 400 years trying to destroy any existence of these tribes. Whereas the Western Tribes have only dealt with the White man for approximately 150 years. This makes Western Tribal research a lot easier.
Many of the records are only found in local areas, they are not online, and unavailable in Utah. And it takes an expert to retrieve them. Remember, enrollment offices will verify that all information and evidence is correct. It can’t be someone who has the same name as your ancestor. You need proof.
3. Many of the records are over 1,000 miles from where your ancestors lived. This is because repositories are spread out across the United States. Do you know where they are? That is why you need someone who knows.

What are your options and what is the risk?

1. A Native American Research project is $5,500 with a retainer of $3,500
A balance of $2,000 is due upon completion. Payable by Check or Credit Card.
You must pick either a Paternal or Maternal Side to research or an additional fee is required.
2. A feasibility study. $2,500 American Ancestors will research both sides of your Family Tree for 20 hours.

a) At the conclusion you will receive your report.
b) This will detail who is not Native American.
c) It will also allow you to choose a Paternal or Maternal line to search for your ancestors and necessary proof. At this time you could either try doing this yourself or have American Ancestors do the research.
d) $2,000 of the feasibility study can be applied towards your research Therefore no balance would be owed.

DNA Evidence.

1. DNA is not accepted by any Federally Recognized Indian Tribe. It is sometimes required as proof of Paternity.
2. What does an DNA test, or some other DNA test prove when results come back showing a percentage of Native American Ancestry? The only thing it proves is that you are part Native American. Nothing more. You can simply tell your family and friends that you are part Native American.
3. The higher the percentage of Native American the better for you. This can be used by an expert to pinpoint who your Native Ancestors are.
4. Now it is time for a Free DNA analysis with a Native American DNA Expert. Please use this contact form to schedule a time and telephone number or call now, 801 836-1996.
5. Some DNA problems are that the DNA neither identifies a Tribe or the people in your Family Tree. Another problem is that the DNA may never have been collected from the Native Ancestors you come from. This sometimes results in a 0 % DNA reading. If the DNA results show 0 % it may be wrong. If the Test gives some Native American percentage it is never wrong.

Native American Enrollment

1. Each Tribes Enrollment criteria is different.
2. The five civilized tribes require a direct descendent on the Dawes Rolls.
3. Most Tribes require a Blood Quantum.
4. Some Tribes are closed to Enrollment.
5. When a Closed Enrollment becomes an Open Enrollment, it is normally only a brief period of time such as two weeks. So you better be ready if that is your tribe. Don’t wait for the Enrollment to open, to do the research, because it will be too late.
6. Rules for enrollment have changed constantly over the last 120 years. So do you have all your paperwork ready?

A retainer is required to secure a research team to begin work. The balance is due upon completion of the project.
Please fill out our Contact form or call us toll free at 1-801 836-1996 to discuss this Research Project Package.

November 5, 2018