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When researching ancestry, many people have hit a brick wall. The expert Researchers at American Ancestors are extremely experienced. You may have a problem, but our Researchers have seen most of these problems many times. Our Researchers have traveled to most County Courthouses and Historical Societies in the Continental United States. As well as many other repositories a family researcher has not visited.

Our Researchers are prepared to help you. In depth research is always the best option. But we are limited in being able to help and we desire to help as many as possible.

We often are approached with family history and genealogy projects from all over the continental United States, Hawaii & Alaska, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Research questions range from family history DNA searches to Native American ancestry or finding an individual.

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If you’d like to fill out a contact form with information to help us get your free consultation together, please include the following information:

  • Type a brief explanation of your genealogy research need
  • Include the full maiden name of the individual; please include birth, death, marriage dates and places of the individual
  • Include the full name of the Spouse and if they were married more than once
  • If you know the parents names, please include them
  • Include the locations and approximate times your ancestor lived in those locations

We will reply to your inquiry as quick as possible. If you want to call us directly to discuss your free consultation, please call us at 801-836-1996.

December 1, 2019